The story of Wilde + Spieth dates back to 1831. Back then, carpentry made by local craftsmen was the core of our business. Long-lasting quality has been our focus point since the beginning. That is how the collaboration with famous German architect Egon Eiermann came to be in the late 1940s. A decisive turning point for our company.

Egon Eiermann

Egon Eiermann designed iconic chairs and tables in close collaboration with Wilde + Spieth, using plywood and steel as materials. Wilde + Spieth has also been developing chairs for musicians for decades. Some of the worlds most renowned orchestras, such as the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra in Hamburg, have chosen our products. Today, Wilde + Spieth sees itself as a forward-looking company with a focus on sustainability, outstanding service and the highest quality standards. We manufacture our products with attention to detail and sense of materiality – modern classics beloved by architects, stylists, designers and design lovers worldwide.

Egon Eiermann at work

All our products are made in Germany

Thomas Gerber, Managing Director

Focusing on the essentials

Meanwhile, we do not take quality for granted because quality is the sum of several equally important steps. To us, a chair is not just a chair, for instance, but an object that must adhere to human-scale values such as ergonomic requirements, tactile surfaces, natural materials and items that must keep an aligned balance between function and aesthetics. This is what makes quality design last a lifetime and can pass through generations. To us, all this is what makes a true classic. Spare parts ensure that our classics can be repaired and do not have to be disposed of.


Other core values include local manufacturing and sustainability. Therefore, the wood that we use all originates from Germany and is processed at our supplier just outside the German town Brakel. And for every tree we use, a new tree is planted, because we too feel that the world and the environment that surrounds us is a common responsibility.