Upholstered Chairs


Upholstered chairs are in demand again. Domestic life is increasingly happening at the dining table. The omnipresent open kitchens in the living room mean that residents and guests stay at the table for a long time. The same goes for conference rooms in offices. Whoever sits in one place for hours understandably wants to do so as comfortably as possible.

You have the option of choosing between three upholstery options: screw-on cushions for the seat, screw-on cushions for the seat and back and full upholstery. We recommend the fabrics from Rohi or Camira as upholstery fabrics. It is also possible to choose from the entire range of Rohi, Camira and other manufacturers of your choice. Price on request.

Added upholstery (seat only)

Added upholstery (seat and back)

Upholstered with Rohi Topia Graphite

Rohi Topia Ebony

Rohi Topia Lanoso

Rohi Topia Graphit

Rohi Topia Chrom

Rohi Topia Angora

Rohi Topia Snow

Rohi Novum Ebony

Rohi Novum Lanosa

Rohi Novum Snow

Camira Advantage Black

Camira Xtreme Havanna