LED music stand lamp 7111330

LED music stand light with a minimalist design made of aluminium, matt gray anodised. Pivotable with light board 3000K 95cri—2-stage dimmable with touch control. Rechargeable battery with status display, wireless circuit board with DMX control is included. Holder for Wilde+Spieth consoles with stainless steel rod, for other consoles optionally with clamp attachment. The battery (5.2 Ah) can be easily charged with a standard USB-C cable. (Replacement battery 7111223 available)

Design: Oliver Niewiadomski




Wilde + Spieth music stand 7131301 and 7111302.


swan neck, high performance rechargeable battery, UN 38.3 tested, dimmable, lasts up to 9 hours at maximum operating performance.


Controllable via DMX signal.


Subject to technical changes.