Music Stand 7111301

The height-adjustable music stand has a 3-legged base made of plastic with a steel core (type A). The standpipe consists of black coated steel round tube; the extension tube made of chrome-plated round steel tube. The music desk is made of multiply glued beech veneer and colorless DD lacquered. Alternatively, the music stand is also available made of polyester fleece with a 3-legged steel tube. Polyester fleece offers a pleasant feel and does not reflect sound or light. With the new material, a 50% weight reduction and thus a significantly higher stability was achieved.




3-legged, thick-walled base of polypropylene plastic; base type A. Base pipe black powder-coated. Extension pipe chrome.


Rest of laminated layers of beech veneer natural, finished with clear DD lacquer

Other compatible metal bases

type B, type C


Height (floor to top edge of music rest): 1040 – 1500 mm.
Rest: L 565 x W 350 mm


approx. 6.0 kg


Subject to technical changes.

Colors and Materials



Black powder-coated, Chrome


Natural beech, Stained black


Special colours on request.