SE 42 3-Legged Chair

As the first piece of furniture jointly developed by Egon Eiermann and Wilde + Spieth, the SE 42 3-Legged Chair distinguishes itself with a unique three-legged frame consisting completely of moulded wood—a complex design that, together with Eiermann’s aspiration to keep the bending radius of the seat front to a minimum, challenged the limits of the production techniques upon realisation. Seventy years after its first appearance, the chair stands its ground as a modern classic with its fluid curves and assured stature. SE 42 is available in natural beech and stained black.

Design: Egon Eiermann, 1949




3-legged curved wooden chair with contoured wooden frame

Seat and backrest

Three-dimensionally moulded seat with backrest of laminated beech veneer


Object: H 78 × W 52.5 × D 51 cm

Seat: H 46 × W 47 × D 40 cm


approx 5.0 kg


Subject to technical changes.

Colors and Materials



Wood veneer: beech

Seat and backrest

Wood veneer: beech

Stained: black


Special colours on request